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Willow Wood Farm overlooks the historic Mt. Newton Valley. It is a beautiful area with a panoramic outlook, morning mists, and gleaming  sunsets.



We love growing coppiced willows. We grow them for the beauty of the willow  and  that fortunate connection to the ancient practice  of  harvesting such a generous and sustainable product.


  There is a sound of willows in the wind, and  a feel  of fresh willow in the hand,  that  simply brings joy.


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Welcome to Willow Wood Farm!

We are located on Vancouver Island, B.C. off the Canadian West Coast, close to the village of Saanichton, and 10 minutes drive from the Tsawwassen - Swartz Bay Terminal,  on the Vancouver mainland.

We have  a 10 acre family farm, and are focused on growing willows that are suitable for living willow structures, basket making,  bee willows, landscape use and winter color; our overall ambition however is to make varieties of willow more commonly known and available to gardeners & landscapers, and artists,  and to increase general knowledge about  the many possibilities of willow in the landscape


Currently, we grow 40 plus varieties of willows on the farm; and provide cuttings, and rods  from December - March  and dried basket willow, and coiled bark, plants, at various times throughout the year from on site.


The soil in the area is a heavy clay, amended in the willow fields solely with our own compost provided with the help of our lovely, chickens, ducks and geese.

We use no pesticides on the soil.

There is so much to know and discover about this ancient genus and its many species and varieties. Anyone interested in learning about willows can readily access online information from the many committed growers and artists who work with willow worldwide.

We encourage you to explore.




The Farm is now closed, except for product pick up, due to  heavy work load in the spring season

See you soon!

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