We stop taking orders at the end of March, and will resume in  October 2022 through to the end of March, 2023. You can contact us if you wish to be on a mailing list to be reminded of when the cutting ordering  season opens again. 2022 was very busy and we sold out of willows of some varieties quickly.

Cuttings are dormant stems  10" long, of new growth willow.   To order CUTTINGS, please refer to the list below and submit an order form  or email directly. Your order will be shipped during the shipping times established, and after  we have received payment.  Your order is confirmed at time of payment. As the season progresses it is possible to sellout out of some varieties,  so consider ordering early in the season. Local buyers can arrange to pick up from the farm. 

To inquire about basket willow, live or dried rods, willow bark, kits for domes and tunnels  available for pick up from farm, please submit an email below.


 Cuttings are sold in bundles of 5

 Each cutting is $2.00

One variety only  in each bundle

Minimum order = 3 bundles

Plus shipping - typically $20.00

Orders confirmed on date of payment

Orders open on October 1,

Because we are on the West Coast - delivery of cutting can be arranged November through March -based on your assessment of when your planting conditions are appropriate.

Instructions for planting cuttings are included with order.

More information about each variety will be  available on this site soon -and there is considerable information on line about various willow varieties.

Salix  acutifolia 'Blue Streak

basketry, landscape, floral, bee willow,blackish- purple stems great colour in weaving, blue white  chalky bloom on many stems, silver white catkins, very flexible willow, slower to grow, not too productive  Beautiful  bark markings on older rods  - harvest mature rods for bark-male - extremely attractive silvery catkins - stunning  as a cut flower .. will grow to be a small tree if not coppiced. Hardy to Zone 4

Salix alba 'Aurea'

landscape, ornamental tree, lime green leaves turn to bright gold when mature & in full sun, slower growing, stunning contrast with silver leaved willows. SOLD OUT



Salix alba 'Britzensis'

landscape, basketry, bright coral to red  winter colour ( varies with winter temperature) some stems slightly branchy, good colour addition for baskets, very showy pollarded shrub - winner of Royal horticultural society Award of Garden Merit. possibly the showiest of the red willows. other horticultural sources list this as Salix fragilis ' Britzensis'

Salix alba 'Flame'

landscape, basketry, red /coral rods, lovely colour in basket  Hardy to Zone 4  Sold out


Salix alba 'Sangria

basketry, winter colour, egg yolk yellow fadeing to reddiship tips


Salix  alba 'Sericea'

landscape, basketry, living willow, silver leaves on mature plant, rods have interesting horizontal bands of yellowish brown. Will grow to small tree uncoppiced.

Salix alba 'Silver Column'

landscape, silver folage, columned tree  Hardy to Zone 3  SOLD OUT

Salix 'Americana'

basketry, rich soft brown rods, very earthy tone in weaving, lovely to work with grown extensively in Trzceil Poland as a basket willow, not as slim as some basket willow. SOLD OUT

Salix babylonica 'Tortuosa'

landscape, floral twisted curly stems yellowish bark - this grows to a very large weeping willow tree SOLD OUT

Salix caprea 'Select'

ornamental shrub, slower growing, a bee willow,  silver mid sized male pussy willows, abundant and beautiful. Hardy to Zone 3

Salix cinerea 'Tricolor'

landscape, variagated leaf colour, cream and marbled pink, small shrub. Hardy to Zone 4 Sold Out


Salix daphnoides ‘Oxford Violet'

ornamental, basketry, bee willow, unique turquoise toned bloom on second year rods, bloom darkens to black on older wood.    Hardy to Zone 4

Oxford Violet

Salix daphnoides 'Continental Purple'

basketry, living willow, bee willow,glossy deep red purple toned stems, extraordinary veined bark, of mature rods. Grown typically for basketry but can grow to an outstanding

tree with beautiful catkins. Hardy to Zone  4 Sold Out

Salix daphnoides 'Ovario Udine'

ornamental, bee willow - grey to green, dark red/purple stems Hardy to Zone 4  SOLD OUT


Continental Purple

Salix dasyclados

basketry - large long rods - furniture making, bee willow Hardy to Zone 4  SOLD OUT

Continental Purple

Salix fragilis 'Belgian Red'

basketry - landscape, rich brown red rods - coppice annually to ensure control of this willow

Salix fragilis 'Hutchinsons Yellow'

landscape, basketry,living willow, wattle, stunning egg yolk yellow rods, vigorous growth, coppice annually. Hardy to Zone 3





Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys'

ornamental, unique black to red  to yellow pussy willows- twiggy tall shrub , floral  Hardy to Zone 4  SOLD OUT

Salix gracilistyla ‘Mt. Aso’

Ornamental, floral, bee willow, hot pink pussy willows, extraordinary color basketry.Hardy to Zone 4

IMG_1669 (002)_edited.jpg

Mt. Aso

Salix gracilistyla ‘Winter Glory’

ornamental, floral, bee willow,large prolific soft grey pussy willows,  basket willow- coarse


Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki'

ornamental, basket willow, beautiful pink, white, green varigated  leaves, the new young rods are a lovely red color and very flexible, Hardy to Zone 4 

Winter Glory


Hakuro Nishiki

Salix irrorata

ornamental, bluestems lavender white in field, basketry,


Salix koriyanagi

 living willow, heavier than Koriyanagi Rubikins,  tall vigorous


Salix koriyanagi 'Rubikins'

basket willow with reddish tips, beautiful in the field,very responsive to wind ( small  delicate red pussy willows on top portion of rods) very flexible and tall willow

Salix leucopithecia 'Rabbit's Foot'

ornamental, bee willow, living willow, coarse basketry, vigorous long 12 ft. rods, with a multitude of unique paw shaped silver pussy willows. There is hardly a way to describe how opulent and beautiful these 2" silvered rabbit paw willow flowers are, full on opulence - made for hotel lobbys,  and happy homes. Sold Out


Rabbit's Foot

Salix magnifica

landscape, magnolia shaped leaves, very long catkins (m) SOLD OUT


Salix miyabeana

living willow, wattle fencing, coarse basketry when coppiced. Coppiced rods brown,  Can grow to medium - large sized tree.Love the slight slight wave in  new and mature rods on this extremely vigorous willow. pest resistance - used to develop hybrid biomass willow-can be used as screen or windbreak. Leafs  out earlier than any other variety in my field. Hardy to Zone 4


Salix miyabeana 'SX64'

biomass willow, wattle fencing, privacy hedges,very fast growing willow, lovely varied coloured new rods( reds, yellows green brown.  Zones 4-6

Salix myrsinifolia 'Blackskin'

basketry, landscape, floral stem colour, unusual oval leaves, and shining dark rods, a lovely coppiced plant for the garden, tolerates poor soil and some shade. Hardy to Zone 3

Salix purpurea's  ... Common name Purple willow...all good choices for  weaving ...all considered deer resistant -

Salix purpurea '187'

basketry, long thin very  straight green rods 8-10 ft. rods. Best as coppiced plant.   Hardy to zone 3  SOLD OUT

Salix purpurea' X Americana'

coarse basketry, living willow, wattle fencing, bright apple green willow, perfect for large projects, supple productive willow

Salix purpurea 'Dicky Meadows

basketry, fine rods evenly slender, very flexible, dries light brown 8-10 ft. light living willow work  male zone 3 Sold Out

Salix purpurea 'Eugene'

coarse basketry, living willow, wattle fencing - soil conservation -purple to red small catkins - male-  zone 3

Salix purpurea 'Fish Creek'

Biomass, wattle fencing, coarse basketry developed as a biomass cultivar, can grow 15-20 ft. 3-5 foot crown in 3 yrs., is a very unique

apple green colour.

Salix purpurea 'Frances Red'

basketry, flexible slender rod, favored weaver, dries grey SOLD OUT

Salix purpurea 'Goldstones'

basketry, erosion control ( root mass dense) very slender light coloured rods, bee willow, small grey catkins- zone 3 SOLD OUT

Salix purpurea 'Green Dicks'

basketry, tall slender willow reddish rods turning pale green in winter ,zone 3 SOLD OUT

Salix purpurea 'Irette'

basketry, living willow, wattle, erosion control ( root mass dense) very slender light colored rods,  great choice for weaving.. bee willow, small grey catkins- zone 3

Salix purpurea 'Koch Brown'

basketry, very productive willow, lovely  light brown in the field SOLD OUT 

Salix purpurea ssp.Lambertiana

coarse basketry, living willow, wattle fencing,  vigorous willow, tall, but good for weaving zone 3 SOLD OUT

Salix purpurea 'Leicestershire Dicks'

fine basketry,  slender rods reddish brown stems, SOLD OUT

Salix purpurea 'Light Dicks'

fine basketry, light green rods drys to darker green SOLD OUT


Salix purpurea 'Nana'

landscape, fine basketry, very fine rods, reddish brown, neat contained rounded small to medium shrub, zone 2/ 3

Salix purpurea 'Oka'

basketry, old french basketry willow, slender Hardy to Zone 4

Salix purpurea 'Packing Twine'

fine basketry, long slender rods, Irish variety, dries a green  to brown, zone3


Salix purpurea 'Purple Dicks'

basketry, green with slight purple tone in field,


Packing Twine

Salix Scarlet Curls

landscape  columnar growing red stemmed curly willow

Salix sepulcralis 'Erythroflexuosa'

landscape, floral, rich red twisted rods,lovely vigorous variety of curly willow -



Salix 365 ' Showtime'

landscape, floral, extremely generous producer of beautiful pussy willows - a biomass willow if not grown for catkins. Hardy to Zone 3

Salix triandra 'Black Maul'

fine basketry, dark brown rods, very striking dark  look in the field,  underutilized as a will grow to mid-sized shrub with exfoliating bark, much under utilized as garden small tree or shrub,  deer resistant. Hardy to Zone 3

Salix udensis 'Sekka'

landscape, floral, fasciated scroll like rods seem like  polished mahogany wood, tiny delicate silver pussy willow cover fan like rods, absolutely stunning growing as large shrub around water- the dragon willow. Hardy to Zone 4+ SOLD OUT

IMG_4816 (002).jpg

Black Maul

IMG_5128 (002).jpg


Salix viminalis 'Superba'

coarse basketry, living willow, beautiful flexible willow, gorgeous felted type pussy willows along top third of rods.Hardy to Zone  3




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